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Ei Eric,
thank you for mailing me this one. Just tell the guy
to check who is the Grand Master of his Templar Order:
we are talking about a guy who is reporting directely
to Jesuit driven George Bush :

loyal Knight and New World Order supporter James J.
Carey !

In 2001, the Order known as  O.S.M.T.H. was accredited
by the United Nations Economic and Social Council as a
Non-Governmental Organisation :


Their lineage goes back to  Fabré-Palaprat's
Templar Order and several Johannite Lodges prior to
that .
Gould refers i.a. to "La Petite Resurrection des
Templiers" ("Little Resurrection of Templars"), a
licentious society established in 1682, and to a
French masonic lodge named "Les Chevaliers de la
Croix" which existed around the time of the foundation
of the "Ordre du Temple" in 1804.
The connection to "La Petite Resurrection des
Templiers" was made by
several masonic scholars at the time who asserted that
the "statutes" of 1705 were a forgery created by the
 According to these sources, these statues had been
forged by the none other then Jesuit Father Bonani and
was "actually the resuscitation of a 1681 Society
entitled the "Little Resurrection of Templars" and
that it had as one of its members the learned Fenelon
who converted Ramsay to orthodoxy", thus illuminati
Grand Master John Yarker in his book "Arcane Schools"
states stupidly  that "in any case, if of 1705, the
Charter proves the existence of a branch of Scottish
...yes another creation of the Jesuits...
 Papus another Jesuit agent  stated that "Templarism"
had existed as a "revolutionary force" in France.
Since the mid-
1750's the Templar Order secretely promoted by the
Jesuits had changed its activities and started to
infiltrate masonry by creating the Higher Degrees,
their influence within the masonic Lodges created an
atmosphere which eventually 'fueled' the French
Revolution, a Jesuit revolution, that created the
Grand Orient of France.
 So a contemporary Mason is able to write : " It is
not excessive to say
that the masonic revolution of 1773 was the prelude
and the
precursor of the Revolution of 1789." What must be
well observed is
the secret action of the Brothers of the Templar Rite.
It is they
who are the real fomentors of revolution, the others
are only docile
agents". ( source : "Martines de Pasqually", par
Papus, président du
Suprême Conseil de l'Ordre Martiniste, p. 144 ,1895 )

The  O.S.M.T.H. as been created by the Jesuits to
oppose in their own words ( the words of the
O.S.M.T.H. )  the position of the Knights of Malta in
the power structure of the Vatican,  and reclaim an
important position for the Templar  Order they
preside,  but in reality they are simply working all
togheter for the Vatican New World Order and their
Vatican made crusade against Islam...
The Scottish Templars from a different Order  who
apparentely oppose the O.S.M.T.H.  go directely to the
Pope instead, beging to be reinstalled after the
recent historical findings about the Templar Order not
being exomunicated in the Chinon Document :
and the italian Cattolic Templars born from occultist
and illuminati Gastone Ventura could be renamed the
Benedict Fan Club
were they state the glorious words "We gonna fight
satanism in our comunity" ...well the problem is that
they are themselfs satanist so no hope for the
It's all for the Holy Church of Rome the mother of all
Can Frater Luca please wake up?
The question is are you willing to work for the Pope?
If yes stay a Knight Templar!
Fraternal regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami

--- Eric Phelps <eric@vaticanassassins.org> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Lettieri,
> Thank you for contacting me.
> The Neo Templars are most assuredly an arm of the
> Jesuit Order, specifically the Black Pope and his
> Assistants.  But since you have not been in the
> Templars for very long, the picture is not fully
> disclosed to you as of yet.  The deeper you go, the
> more you will inderstand that Brotherhood will be
> used to further the agenda of the Jesuits ruling the
> Vatican.
> I am forwarding your question to my friend and
> former Templar/P2 member, Leo Zagami.  He will give
> you much insight and history of the Order as well as
> its overt and covert purposes.
> Sincerely in faith,
> Brother Eric
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>   From: Ass. studi Templari "Mandatum Templi" -
> Napoli
>   To: eric@vaticanassassins.org
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>   Subject: From Italy, about Jesuits order
>   Good evening Mr. Phelps,
>   I'm reading your book and, just a question: What
> about the Neo Templars ?
>   I know, I've been one of them since some months
> ago. Neo Templar organizations are connected toe the
> Jesuits and their plans or not ?
>   When I've been one of them nothing was so clear
> and as I can say, where I was an associate there was
> no links with "Company of Jesus".
>   Thank you in advance,
>   Regards
>   Luca Lettieri
>   www.templarinapoli.it

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