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Fwd: The Charter of Larmenius and the Levitikon two Jesuit creations‏
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From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: The Charter of Larmenius and the Levitikon two Jesuit creations
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From The Masonic Dictionary.com we find confirmation
that the Jesuits  created  the famous  Templar
Statutes of 1705 known as the Charter  of Larmenius:


" In 1705, Philip of Orleans, who was subsequently the
Regent of France during the minority of Louis XV,
collected together the remnants of this Society, which
still secretly existed, but had changed its object
from a licentious to one of a political character.

He caused new Statutes to be constructed; and an
Italian Jesuit, by name Father Bonani, who was a
learned antiquary and an excellent designer,
fabricated the document now known as the Charter of
Larmenius, and thus pretended to attach the new
society to the ancient Order of the Templars."

Later on The Jesuits wanted to create something for
the more esotericly inclined Templars and  the French
Neo-Templar Gran Master Fabré-Palaprat  received by
the Jesuits  a false manuscript written in Greek
entitled the Levitikon; according to the official
version he picked it up from a second-had bookstall.
The Levitikon contained a heavily modified version of
the Gospel according to John in which the orthodox
presentation of Christ had been excised in favor of a
Jesuit version which eliminated the miracles and the
Resurrection, and presented Christ as an initiate of
the higher mysteries, trained in Egypt as the Vatican
illuminati tradition wants. God is understood as
existence, action, and mind, and morality as rational
and benevolent conduct. The cosmos, in the ancient
Gnostic tradition, is viewed as a hierarchy of
intelligences. The part played by privileged
initiation in the transmission of divine knowledge is
central in the Levitikon this totaly false Gospel
written by the Jesuits , Christ initiates to the  the
essential knowledge of this Gospel John as the
best-loved apostle, and it was transmitted thence
secretely  through the Patriarchs of Jerusalem until
the arrival of the Templars in 1118, after which the
secret teaching was kept by the Templar Grand

"Fabré-Palaprat's Jesuit inspired doctrine of the
Levitikon was reorganized after 1828 under the name of
the High Initiation, or the Holy Church of Christ, or
the Church of Primitive Christians."

All modern Gnostic Churches worldwide  are in the
hands of the Vatican Jesuits and the Martinist Order
working for them. 

So that's it with the Jesuits and their modern Templar

The real Templar Order died with Jacob De Molay the
rest is Vatican manipulation of the myth.

Fraternaly yours,
Leo Lyon Zagami

--- Eric Phelps <eric@vaticanassassins.org> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Lettieri,
> Thank you for contacting me.
> The Neo Templars are most assuredly an arm of the
> Jesuit Order, specifically the Black Pope and his
> Assistants.  But since you have not been in the
> Templars for very long, the picture is not fully
> disclosed to you as of yet.  The deeper you go, the
> more you will inderstand that Brotherhood will be
> used to further the agenda of the Jesuits ruling the
> Vatican.
> I am forwarding your question to my friend and
> former Templar/P2 member, Leo Zagami.  He will give
> you much insight and history of the Order as well as
> its overt and covert purposes.
> Sincerely in faith,
> Brother Eric
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>   From: Ass. studi Templari "Mandatum Templi" -
> Napoli
>   To: eric@vaticanassassins.org
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>   Subject: From Italy, about Jesuits order
>   Good evening Mr. Phelps,
>   I'm reading your book and, just a question: What
> about the Neo Templars ?
>   I know, I've been one of them since some months
> ago. Neo Templar organizations are connected toe the
> Jesuits and their plans or not ?
>   When I've been one of them nothing was so clear
> and as I can say, where I was an associate there was
> no links with "Company of Jesus".
>   Thank you in advance,
>   Regards
>   Luca Lettieri
>   www.templarinapoli.it

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