THe MaSoNiC eXeCuTiVe CoMMiTTee, THe MoNTe CaRLo LoDGe & THe uNiVeRSaL uNiTY oF THe P2

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To refresh your mind dear Brothers at Masonic Info on
who is Ezio Giunchiglia the very powerfull Worshipfull
Master of the Lodge Monte Carlo ,  and how powerfull
he is in the Vatican illuminati establishment just
check this social network diagram for his name :


co-founder with P2 Lodge Supremo Licio Gelli  and
William Rosati
(P2 Senior member , Genova, capo gruppo 15, fasc 673
and CIA agent )


of the the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic
Executive Committee (MEC) 

This Higly irregular (masonicly speaking ) Committee
was created togheter with the Monte Carlo Lodge in
1976 to control of behalf of the  GLADIO/P2  network
the italian and the French masonic right wing scene
quile secretely doing a big quantity of business and
intelligence deals on the side supported by the
Vatican. The P2 even after 1976 kept on working in
secret with the Grande Oriente d'Italia untill 1981
this is a well known fact for  serious masonic
historians , that year when the scandal whent public
they decided to start operating in a different way .
Trough a radical trasformation of the Italian masonic
scene in a miriad of different Masonic Obbediences
each with their own Grand Master , the P2 could now
control  several Grand Lodges not one anymore and the
dirty business could be sorted out in the more
irregular ones leaving so called Regular Freemasonry
in no position of controlling them anymore . The P2
membership from 1976  to 1981 increased so much
(nearly 3000 members ) that this solution was a far
better one then keeping on creating various divisions
of the same organizzation.

I became a official member of the Monte Carlo Lodge in
1999 the year of true masonic light 5999 ,  like you
can check on the photo of  my Monte Carlo Masonic
Passport . In this year the Monte Carlo Lodge went
trough a profound change and founded the Universal
Unity illuminati organization also open to women ,
known to the inner circle as Ordo illuminatorum
Universalis or "Universal Order"  this new structure
within the pyramid is constituted of  several clubs
worldwide that have an astrological name connected to
the city were they are based. I include in the e-mail
attachments the Universal Unity Statute of 2005 . 

Were we find the following:

The Free Association assume the name of “Universal
Unity” (U.U.). The Association has unlimited duration
and establishes its main registered office in
Montecarlo, Principate of Monaco, 38 Av.
Dell’Annonciade ( HYPERLINK
 - a web site that was closed down after I started
illuminati Confessions -
 and its administrative office in Italy- Sanremo
(18038 ) Str. Sen E. Marsiglia 131 (Murgia House- Tel
and Fax: 0039 0184 557 508 )

You will notice after your own personal investigation
that the address in Monaco is the residence of Ezio
Giunchiglia treasurer of the Propaganda due Lodge and
the address in Sanremo instead belongs to Regular
Freemason Francesco Murgia of the Grande Oriente
d'Italia who was in charge of the so called internal
Masonic Court of the GOI during the P2 trial and a
personal friend of GM.Gustavo Raffi and author of many
masonic books including one on the P2...what a joke so
called Regular Freemasonry and their so called
internal courts.

In the Monte Carlo Lodge we had amongst our illustrius
members a very well known Brother of the Grand Lodge
of New York Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri (P2) director of
the Rotary Club in New York ,the infamous now defunct
Paul Marcinkus of the IOR , MWGM.Luigi Piazza of the
Gran Loggia Unita Tradizionale, GM.Mauro Lazzeri  of
the Grande Oriente Universale .  Deputy Grand Master
of the Gran Loggia d'Italia degli ALAM (Palazzo
Vitelleschi the second biggest Obbedience in Italy
)Dr. Giorgio Santoro
GM.Francesco Toti della Gran Loggia Scozzese
indipendente d'Italia,
il  Duca Francesco Maria Mariano, duca d’Otranto e di
Lipari Head of the italian Heraldic Council  :
in charge of the Knights of Christianity organizzation
working for the Vatican
Opus Dei leader Carlo Maria Baserga owner of the
illuminati/Opus Dei HQ's of Villa Leona in Bologna and
 illustrius Masonic scholar Vittorio Vanni one of the
most important Freemasons at the moment in the Grande
Oriente d'Italia and also a S::I::I:: of the Martinist
Order (G.Ventura lineage) , GM.Roberto Negrini of the
illuminati Rite of Memphis and Mizraim in Bologna and
leader of the OTO FHL  , Grand Master Tiberio Terzuoli
of the Serenissima Gran Loggia Nazionale, GM.Giuseppe
Sabato of the Gran Loggia Massonica Italiana and many
more from the italian scene including at the time
Brother Alberto Moscato Grand Master of the Ordo
Templi Orientis Caliphate in Italy ( who died in
misterious circumstances) ,  then we have a few
illustrius rappresentatives of the French scene as
well like masonic scholar and famous illuminati of the
Memphis and Mizraim Rite Jean-Pierre Giudicelli, the
second pillar of the Group of Thebes :
and the Head of the Secret Police in Nice Marcel
Chirlou the leader of the Knight Templars in the South
of France.
 W.Bro.Julian F.Smith European representative of the
An honorary membership of the Monte Carlo Lodge was
even  given to famous Vatican Researcher Massimo
Introvigne of CESNUR (also involved in the illuminati
Group of Thebes)  by Brother Jonothon Boulter chairman
of the New Right www.new-right.org , a Brother of the
P2 network  and a  founding member of the Regular
Grand Lodge of England but still involved in the
United Grand Lodge of England in Double Horizon 9269.
And let's not forget  in the MEC of Monte Carlo we
also find Rui Alexander Gabirro who's real name is
Mangovo Ngoy Past Grand secretary of the RGLE.
 Cav. Co. Philippe Emmanuel Court de Fontmichel
responsible for the Order of the Saint Maurice and
Lazzarus in Nice  close to the Savoy family and the
the italian Gian Nicola Amoretti leader of the Unione
Monarchica Italiana.
In the Universal Unity we find also Lon Milo Duquette
32o AASR Freemason (California) currently the O.T.O.'s
United States Deputy Grand Master General and
Bro.Simon Kane past Lodge Master of the OTO in London.
And more ....including the female section of the
Universal Unity close to the Zonta international
Network and their Monaco section in the hands of
female freemason Gisella Treves one of the founders of
the U.U.
For today that's it.
Hope things are getting more clear to the interested
Leo Lyon Zagami

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http://www.amnistia.net amnistia.net/les prohibited investigations n°20 –


Photo caption: Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, heir to the throne of Italy, grand master of the order of the saints Maurice and Lazare, during one evening of benevolence of the order in Geneva on October 13, 2001.

To also read the first part, “Maffia, drug and slot machines” in number 19 of the prohibited Investigations. .


an island deprived for billionaires, gangsters, cabins occult, deposed kings, secret service and armed bands

Second part: The deposed king, the secret lodge and merchants of weapons

By Enrico Porsia

It should well be recognized that the island of Cavallo shelters a number of strange characters. In addition to Lillo Lauricella, the ex-chairman of Codil (Company of the Lavezzi islands for the installation of Cavallo), supposed member of the “family” Santapaola de Catane, one finds there also the heir to the throne of Italy Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy (…)

The “Cavaliere” Berlusconi was him also one accustomed of the Cavallo island. Before the operation “hands clean”, it often came to moor its yacht to return visit to prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy and to his friend Silvano Larini, another inhabitant of the small island. Larini is the man who large opened the doors of the policy with Berlusconi. It is indeed him which presented at the “Cavaliere” the former secretary of the socialist party and former president of the Italian Council, Bettino Craxi.

Larini was also, until 1992, one of the principal collectors of occult financings of the Italian Socialist Party. On one of its accounts open near the Union of Swiss Banks of Lugano (n° 633369), in 1980, 7 million dollars coming from the Bank value Ambrosiano, the “bank of the Vatican had landed”, controlled by P2 through the banker Roberto Calvi. This transfer was intended for the black cases of the PSI of Bettino Craxi. In Craxi exchange, which controlled at the time the ENI, the oil control of State, by means of its president Giorgio Mazzanti and his vice-president Leonardo di Donna (all two registered voters with the P2 lodge), guaranteed to the Ambrosiano Bank value very large deposits. The money of the ENI, once deposited at the Ambrosiano Bank value profited from an interest rate lower than that of the market and the bank, grateful, poured million dollars on account UBS of Larini, the man of Craxi (…)

After the operation “hands clean” and the fall of Craxi, prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy did not lose therefore the moral one. He integrated the fan-club of Berlusconi immediately, his “brother” of P2. The P2 lodge is not the only masonic membership of which can praise prince Vittorio Emanuele. It attends also the lodge, very reserved, of Monte-Carlo. Licio Gelli, the grand master of the P2 lodge, appeared as by chance among its worthy members… not saying inspiring. It is indeed Ezio Giunchiglia, the person in charge for P2 for Tuscany which occupied the functions of secretary to the organization of the lodge of Monte-Carlo. According to the Italian magistrate Elisabetta Cesqui, “Giunchiglia is located in the darkest zone of P2… between the military medium and of the American information and the medium of the merchants of weapons”. Giunchiglia was also in liaison with worthy the large Master Giovanni Grimaudo who controlled the “covered” lodges of the area of Trapani, in Sicily. According to the Italian parliamentary board of inquiry, among the sicilian “brothers”, “there was a good number of civils servant of the secret service” in good company “with many gangster chiefs”. Among the gangster chiefs who attended the secret lodges in Sicily one finds: Calogero Undervalues, Giacchino Calabrò, Agostino Coppola, Mariano Asaro, Natale Ala, Giovanni Bastone the right-hand man of the boss of Corleone Mariano Agate. This last will be condemned thereafter, with Nitto Santapaola, the boss of Catane (with the clan of which Lillo Lauricella the ex-chairman of Codil is soupçonnné to work – to see the first part), for the murder of the mayor of Castelvetrano, Vito Lipari like for the assassination of the magistrate antimafia Giovanni Falcone.

According to several informed observers, the lodge of Monte-Carlo was not nothing other than the higher pyramid of the P2 lodge: it is it which managed the ultra contacts secret and international. In 1987, Nara Nazzarini, a friend very close to Gelli, will testify in front of the court to Bologna: “Gelli affirmed me that Vittorio Emanuele and prince Rainier of Monaco forms part of the lodge” (…)

Nickolas Bizzio is Italian-American 66 years. It is with the head of a constellation of companies which specialized in the markets of weapons like in the toxic traffics of waste… Bizzio has also a very pleasant villa on the small island of Cavallo. It is close to his “brother” of lodge and fellow-member in trade of weapons and influence, the sérénissime Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy (…)

All the article in the n°20 of the prohibited Investigations. Support our independent drafting, subscribe you!



amnistia.net/les enquêtes interdites n°20 –


Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie, héritier du trône d’Italie, grand maître de l’ordre des saints Maurice et Lazare, pendant une soirée de bienfaisance de l’ordre à Genève le 13 octobre 2001.

A lire aussi la première partie, “Mafia, drogue et slot machines” dans le numéro 19 des Enquêtes interdites.


Une île privée pour milliardaires, mafieux, loges occultes, rois déchus, services secrets et bandes armées

Deuxième partie: Le roi déchu, la loge secrète et les marchands d’armes

Par Enrico Porsia

Il faut bien reconnaître que l’île de Cavallo abrite nombre d’étranges personnages. Outre Lillo Lauricella, l’ex-PDG de la Codil (Compagnie des îles Lavezzi pour l’aménagement de Cavallo), membre présumé de la “famille” Santapaola de Catane, on y trouve aussi l’héritier du trône d’Italie Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie (…)

Le “Cavaliere” Berlusconi était lui aussi un habitué de l’île Cavallo. Avant l’opération “mains propres”, il venait souvent amarrer son yacht pour rendre visite au prince Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie et à son ami Silvano Larini, un autre habitant de la petite île. Larini est l’homme qui a grand ouvert les portes de la politique à Berlusconi. C’est en effet lui qui présenta au “Cavaliere” l’ancien secrétaire du parti socialiste et ancien président du Conseil italien, Bettino Craxi.

Larini fut aussi, jusqu’en 1992, un des principaux collecteurs de financements occultes du Parti Socialiste Italien. Sur l’un de ses comptes ouvert auprès de l’Union de Banques Suisses de Lugano (n° 633369) avaient atterri, en 1980, 7 millions de dollars en provenance du Banco Ambrosiano, la “banque du Vatican”, contrôlée par la P2 à travers le banquier Roberto Calvi. Ce virement était destiné aux caisses noires du PSI de Bettino Craxi. En échange Craxi, qui contrôlait à l’époque l’ENI, la régie pétrolière d’Etat, au moyen de son président Giorgio Mazzanti et son vice-président Leonardo di Donna (tous les deux inscrits à la loge P2), garantissait au Banco Ambrosiano de très gros dépôts. L’argent de l’ENI, une fois déposé au Banco Ambrosiano bénéficiait d’un taux d’intérêt inférieur à celui du marché et la banque, reconnaissante, versait des millions de dollars sur le compte UBS de Larini, l’homme de Craxi (…)

Après l’opération “mains propres” et la chute de Craxi, le prince Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie ne perdit pas pour autant le moral. Il intégra immédiatement le fan-club de Berlusconi, son “frère” de la P2. La loge P2 n’est pas la seule appartenance maçonnique dont peut se vanter le prince Vittorio Emanuele. Il fréquente aussi la loge, très réservée, de Monte-Carlo. Licio Gelli, le grand maître de la loge P2, figurait comme par hasard parmi ses vénérables adhérents… pour ne pas dire inspirateurs. C’est en effet Ezio Giunchiglia, le responsable de la P2 pour la Toscane qui occupait les fonctions de secrétaire à l’organisation de la loge de Monte-Carlo. Selon le magistrat italien Elisabetta Cesqui, “Giunchiglia se situe dans la zone la plus sombre de la P2… entre le milieu militaire et des renseignements américains et le milieu des marchands d’armes”. Giunchiglia était aussi en contact avec le vénérable grand maître Giovanni Grimaudo qui contrôlait les loges “couvertes” de la région de Trapani, en Sicile. Selon la commission d’enquête parlementaire italienne, parmi les “frères “siciliens, “il y avait un bon nombre de fonctionnaires des services secrets” en bonne compagnie “avec de nombreux chefs mafieux”. Parmi les chefs mafieux qui fréquentaient les loges secrètes en Sicile on retrouve: Calogero Minore, Giacchino Calabrò, Agostino Coppola, Mariano Asaro, Natale L’Ala, Giovanni Bastone l’homme de confiance du boss de Corleone Mariano Agate. Ce dernier sera condamné par la suite, avec Nitto Santapaola, le boss de Catane (au clan duquel Lillo Lauricella l’ex-PDG de la Codil est soupçonnné de travailler – voir la première partie), pour le meurtre du maire de Castelvetrano, Vito Lipari ainsi que pour l’assassinat du magistrat antimafia Giovanni Falcone.

Selon plusieurs observateurs avertis, la loge de Monte-Carlo n’était rien d’autre que la pyramide supérieure de la loge P2: c’est elle qui gérait les contacts ultra secrets et internationaux. En 1987, Nara Nazzarini, une amie très proche de Gelli, témoignera devant le tribunal de Bologne: “Gelli m’a affirmé que Vittorio Emanuele et le prince Rainier de Monaco font partie de la loge” (…)

Nickolas Bizzio est un italo-américain de 66 ans. Il est à la tête d’une constellation de sociétés qui se sont spécialisées dans les marchés d’armes ainsi que dans les trafics de déchets toxiques… Bizzio possède aussi une très agréable villa sur la petite île de Cavallo. Il est voisin de son “frère” de loge et confrère en commerce d’armes et d’influence, le sérénissime Vittorio Emanuele de Savoie (…)

Tout l’article dans le n°20 des Enquêtes interdites. Soutenez notre rédaction indépendante, abonnez-vous!

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