CaGLioSTRo & THe PRiNCe oF SaN SeVeRo – 2 VeRY iMPoRTaNT JeSuiT aGeNTS

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By the way Cagliostro alias Giuseppe Balsamo was a
relative of my Sicilian family (we have the same blood
and ancestors in common ), that's one of the resons
why the illuminati respected me so much from the
begining. I heard about him when I was only 10 years
old the first time from my father,he was known as  the
blacksheep of the family but also as a Grand Master of
the illuminati . That's also why I had such a high
position in the Memphis and Mizraim illuminati Rite of
Freemasonry that conteins the misterious Arcana
Arcanorum degrees.
These 3 very special degrees were written by
Cagliostro and the Cavallier d'Aquino who were
disciples of the Jesuit trained alchemical Master
Raimondo di Sangro, the seventh Prince of Sansevero : 
creator of the Alchemical Chapel :
The Chapel wich is in Naples (Italy) is considered one
of the most important rappresentations of the so
called alchemical Great Work by the leading occult
branches of the illuminati Order close to the real
Masters of the Vatican, the Jesuits .Even Michael
Aquino opened the first branch of the Temple of Set in
Italy in Naples due to his admiration for the work of
Cagliostro's hidden Master the Prince of San Severo.
The Prince of San Severo was closely linked to the
Jesuits as we said and arranged for Cagliostro to
always have a Jesuit with him during his many travels
accross Europe after he left Naples. The Jesuit Priest
will go in front of him to the next village or city
and get all the information Cagliostro will need for
his so called magical powers of prediction to work
better in front of the mass of brainwashed
sheeps...using even confession as a mean of getting
the most inside information the Jesuit priest was
probably Cagliostro's closest collaborator and friend
,he was his hidden connection with the Jesuit Order
that had been kicked out of the Vatican at that time.
The work of the Jesuits and their many subversive
plans to regain power in the Vatican structure became
for the Count of cagliostro his daily life as a key
illuminati Agent of that period. The link between the
Ordo illuminatorum of Jesuit trained A.Weishaupt and
Giuseppe Balsamo alias Cagliostro  was quite natural
and Cagliostro was immediately initiated in the
Supreme Councill of 12 R+C of the Order at the highest
position of responsability for the hidden plans to be
Napoleon was initiated in the illuminati Order by
Cagliostro near Rome  and the Count definetely payed a
very high price for serving so well the Jesuits. The
Knights of Malta became for a period  the victims of
this power struggle situation and with Napoleon they
lost their island , so they  later arranged for
Cagliostro to be arrested in Rome , and sentenced to
life in prison by the Vatican.
But before that happened  the Knights of Malta HQ's in
Rome was used for a period by Cagliostro for his
Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry meetings ,  and many in
the Knights of Malta were working for the illuminati
and the Jesuits even when they were considered enemies
of the Vatican. It's quite interesting to think that
A.Crowley was claiming to be a reincarnation of
Cagliostro. ..but let's remember that it all starts
and ends in Rome, Crowley and his disciples are still
nowdays always closely linked to the Jesuits and the
Vatican. In Rome the KHEM lodge of the OTO as been a
very disturbing presence in last few years, their
Master who died recentely in misterious circumstances
called Alberto Moscato was a 3rd degree Knight of
Malta very close to the Vatican and he introduced
Willam Breeze aka Hymenaeus Beta 
to the hidden Vatican Satanic elite structure, the
ones who perform the infamous Black Mass in the
Vatican including the Jesuit General.
I hope researchers will look more into the history of
illuminati Masters like the Prince of San Severo o
Cagliostro and find the clear links proven by
historical evidence that they were illuminati/Jesuit
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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