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Subject: Sony pictures is preparing a Hollywood blockbuster about Licio Gelli and the P2 !
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Yes Brother Licio Gelli Worshipfull Master of the
Propaganda 2 Lodge as just signed a megacontract with
Sony Pictures for a film on his life , a big
production  that will probably have in the role  of
the young Licio Gelli none other then the famous
american actor George Clooney , as an older version of
Gelli we will have instead Stanley Tucci.The director
will be Olivier Dahan , a french director well known
for having done a film on the life of  Edith Piaf. 

Taking care of writing the story for this film is
David Black well known screenwriter and producer of
Holywood TV series like LAW & ORDER or  CSI MIAMI  who
will be spending soon a couple of weeks with Count
Licio Gelli in his infamous headquarters of Villa
Wanda, near the city of Arezzo,  to learn the habits
of this very secretive character and to realy get to
know thw Worshipfull Master. The film seems to be a
kind of last minute  tribute from the Hollywood
Freemasons and illuminati  to the Puppet Master of
Italy's darkest moments.
David Black will also have to study Licio Gelli's 64
volumes of confessions  kept in his villa  and the
screenplay is been closely monitored by Gelli's lawyer
team  that are all Knights of Malta and people very
close to the Vatican.

When the italian press  asked Gelli if the film was
about the many italian misteries surrounding his work
in the P2 , Gelli replied
with a  bronze face that all his work was done for the
good of Italy  and  he mentioned that even his
illustrius  friend Francesco Cossiga (another NWO
criminal also  his superior in the Knights of Malta
by the way ) said that the P2 was a lodge of
historical value...obviously they forgot the fact that
the P2 was involved in may criminal acts including
being responsible of the 1980 Bologna massacre (Licio
Gelli as been even condemned for this italian 9/11
kind of operation).  Well Francesco Cossiga likes to
forget such things as he  used to be one of the Puppet
Masters of Operation GLADIO in Europe and as always
been a good friend and supporter of Licio Gelli's
criminal activities. Activities that I have described
in detail  as Mr X (my nickname) with Agent Orange  in
the following web article:
It seems very clear to me that Hollywood and their
Vatican Masters want to make out of one of the biggest
criminals of  the New  World Order the infamous  Licio
Gelli a hero for the new generations using George
Clooney as their troyan horse to relaunch his image.
So Gelli's Propaganda work as not ended my friends and
actualy  is trasforming now in an even bigger
operation  is becoming Hollywood Propaganda ! And
knowing Count Gelli personaly  I'm sure he is very
pleased about it...especialy the vanity side with
George as himself what do you want more from

The news is already around all the italian media as
you can notice from the following:




Let's see what happens next in the expanding  world of
 Hollywood Vatican illuminati Propaganda  , after the
Grand Master of the Accademy of the illuminati
Giuliano Di Bernardo as been called to collaborate
with Ron Howard for the film adaptation of Angels and
Demons :
and Brother Licio Gelli as signed a mega- deal with
Sony Pictures so anything is possible, though I'm
worried about the results of these propaganda films on
the young genrations, the evil agenda of the
illuminati as to always be  in our minds when we gonna
watch these films,  and please let your friends and
family read this article before they also get
manipulated in a cinema near you,  thanks to the usual

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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