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Fw: Subjectmay be of interest: Cossiga , 9/11 and more… (articolo per il sito)‏
From: Eric Phelps (eric@vaticanassassins.org)
Sent: 05 December 2007 20:40:09
To: Eric Jon Phelps (eric@vaticanassassins.org)

From my friend, Leo Zagami.

Brother Eric
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From: “leo young” <leoyoung1999@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 11:55 AM
Subject: Subjectmay be of interest: Cossiga , 9/11 and more… (articolo per il sito)

> To: “louis altomare”
> Dear friend I received and read with pleasure the
> article you posted me regarding Cossiga and 9/11 :
> Though Cossiga was never one of a rare breed – an
> honest politician – as Prison Planet calls him ! I
> mean how can a leader of GLADIO be an honest
> politician? It doesnt make much sense as most things
> Alex Jones keeps promoting.
> And I would like to point out that in the original
> article Cossiga also says that the latest message from
> Osama Bin Laden delivered to Al Jazeera was produced
> by Berlusconi’s Media (Mediaset) to relaunch the
> declining image of Silvio Berlusconi,
> that’s a very interesting piece of information that
> Alex jones media forgot to mention:
> I would also like to introduce with the following
> Question/Aswer
> the difficult relationship between me and Cossiga :
> Question by Ronnie Wilson: At what moment did you feel
> that you had to go public with these revelations and
> why?
> Answer by Leo Zagami: After the last meeting in Monte
> Carlo on the 1st of June and especialy at the
> Universal Unity illuminati gathering on the 3rd of
> June at the Convent of San Cerbone near Lucca , I
> started to realize they wanted to kill me . I got to
> know tihs thanks to some of my most close followers in
> the illuminati. The order had been given by ex italian
> President and Jesuit friend Francesco Cossiga to
> Comandante Balestrieri of the GLADIO/P2 for my
> execution if I didnt follow the orders that
> Balestrieri was giving me at the Military Accademy of
> Livorno on the 4th of June . But they wanted me to do
> something against my new faith of Islam , something I
> couldnt do , so I went to Rome and Subiaco for some
> advice from my family and prayers and then when I came
> back to my wife in Norway on the 6th of June I started
> to send them by e-mail my true opinion on all their
> corruption and empty words in front of God , I said
> they were just slaves of the Zionist and the Vatican
> so I was out for good
> this time . Soon after I started to receive phone
> calls from Ezio Giunchiglia , Balestrieri and even Rui
> Gabirro to shut up or be facing the terrible
> consequences of becoming a traitor of the Monte Carlo
> Commitee / Lodge and that means you are basically the
> next Roberto Calvi…if you know what that means. I
> got very stressed by all this as you can immagine ,
> and at the same time I had a 8 months pregnant wife
> that was risking to loose the baby , a realy
> depressing and dangerous situation for me and my
> family but with the help of God and also some of the
> honest people of Norway, I am still here and my wife
> gave birth to a wonderfull 4kg baby on the 7th of
> July.
> ————————————————————
> Cossiga is a criminal of the New World Order so why
> does he come out with such dangerous statements for
> his Partners in Crime ? Especialy regarding 9/11
> being an inside job…
> Well ex-president Francesco Cossiga is affected by
> bipolar disorder :
> that means that sometimes during his crisis he tends
> to reveal secrets to the press that should never be
> revealed, so thanks to Cossiga we now have
> confimation about CIA-MOSSAD involvement in 9/11 and
> also the manipulation of Bin Laden messages to profit
> P2 Brother Silvio Berlusconi created by his own
> media. But remember Francesco Cossiga is one of the
> leaders of the Knights of Malta in Italy , He is a
> person very close to the Vatican and the Jesuits, and
> he as still told us only part of the truth
> regarding 9/11, as he knows very well the involvement
> of his own GLADIO crew and people like Giorgio Hugo
> Balestreri in this terrible tragedy.
> Leo Lyon Zagami
> now
> Khaled Saifullah Khan

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